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Samsung is a world wide supplier of a wide variety of electronic products. Samsung is always at the forefront of technology and there history goes back many years. When we shop for appliances these are one of the favourite brands because it is trusted by millions. 

This however does not mean that the brand is perfect. Like any other appliance it can last many years and the general problem usually comes in after the warranty has expired. Doing your laundry on a Saturday, your machine stops working. We are qualified to work with this brand and will only use genuine parts. You don’t need to diagnose the problem, we will come out and diagnose as well as fix your appliance on the same day.


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The Kelvinator was the first mass produced refrigerator. This technologoy giant came into being in 1916. Some of us have the oldest Kelvinator, some can be seen in museums. This is how far back this brand goes. The brand has evolved over the years, but a lot of how they build their appliance remains the same. Due to the broad history of this brand, our technicians need to understand the specifics and not just anyone can work on this appliance. We have qualified technicians who ensure that your appliance works as new. 


LG was established in 1958 and produced some of the first radios, washing machines, TV’s and airconditioners. LG is one of the providers of smart technology and this can be daunting if not working. Our technicians will fix the problem within no time. We don’t just do repairs on the big appliances. Airconditioners are part of our expertize. We specialize in coolers and can clear out that dust/provide parts as well as service your appliance. Have you been feeling your airconditioner is not coolling the area as much as it used to? Don’t be worried, our technicians are LG certified and they will diagnose the problem on the spot and repair your airconditioner, sometimes it can be as small as a re-gas or removing dust.

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All repairs are done on-site same-day service depending on the availability of parts.

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